Tune in to music while you write with a MOQ Mp3 pen

Ever wanted to be the proud owner of the Spykids apparatus. Well, this Mp3 pen just the thing for you. The MOQ MP3 pen is, as implied by its name, is an mp3 player and ball pen in one. It even offers 1GB storage for songs, an FM tuner, and more impressively, a voice recorder so you can spy on anyone anytime you like. You can scribble while playing music–just make sure you don’t do that inside a classroom or it might get confiscated and your teacher gets all the fun. It chimes with an earphone jack, a built-in mic, rubber grip, and USB 2.0 connection.

Encased in metal with a rubber grip, this MP3 pen features a four-button control to make your life a lot easier. It is now available in Chinavasion and ingeniously priced at $26. I feel like a Spy detective now. Love it!