Ultra-Portable DOC MP3 Speaker Dock- Fit for every girl!


The right fittings are very imperative for gals…be it their lovely dresses, their rings (solitaires preferably), their jeans (it’s a must) or for the perfectionists who also want a proper fit for their nano’s; which can now be acquired by Ultra-Portable DOC MP3 Speaker Dock. The best part is it not only fits but it also matches the nano’s perfectly. I’m sure considering the purist choices that we gals possess we wouldn’t want a pink I-pod with a blue speaker dock for sure. Now instead of carrying around the larger ipod portable speaker systems – Brookstone has just come out with the DOC MP3 Speaker Dock. The DOC supports 2nd generation Nano’s and supposedly has great sound.

It’s also light weight and extremely portable. Not only is it nice to listen to but it’s also easy on the eyes – available in several colors Metallic Pink, Metallic Green, and Black to match your iPod’s perfectly. The DOC MP3 Speaker Dock retails for $39.00. Let’s groove to the tunes of it…