Vestalife brings Fashion-friendly headphones for women!

Vestalife has created a love story…one between headphones and girls! And what stimulated this unique love story was the even more unique development strategy. RKS’s Ravi Sawhney tapped four female designers from his team Soyun Kim, Leah Thomas, Young Bang, and Hojin Choi who were asked to search headphone concepts as per their liking. These 4 women from different walks of life created a bond between headphones and fashion which till now was non-existent.

The first concept by the team uses broad fabric-covered “headbands” which can be switched to match with outfits and is called ‘Pi’. The ear bud version of ‘Pi’ is aptly called Bumblebee. For the subtle ladies, ‘Boa’ is appropriate with its natural, minimalist look. The line will see a debut at CES this week and you can see them soon in your local Apple Store. I’m floored!

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