Wrap’It Headphone Organizer keeps your earbuds tangle-free


We always need our earphones when we are commuting to work or we’re on a vacation. It is an indispensible accessory that is ought to stay with us at all times. Wrap’It is an innovative new headphone organizer that sticks to your smartphone, mp3 player, kindle, laptop, ipad or any other electronic device. Instead of using harmful adhesives and glues, it uses a suction cup to firmly and safely attach to your device. Made of TPE plastic, it is flexible and durable, flexing to accommodate almost all brands and earbuds. The best feature of Wrap’It is that is readily available when you need you headphones and also evades the tangling of earphones which generally occurs when you throw your buds into the bag. Wrap’It Headphone Organizer retails for $10.