‘Hello Kitty’ plants arrive at stores to impress young girls and woman


We’re not quite over the Hello Kitty Jet launched earlier this month and we have yet another Hello Kitty collaboration stunning us this season. FloraHolland has joined hands with Clayrton’s Design and Packaging as well as 10 growers to develop a fresh concept known as Hello Kitty Plants. The concept is very organized taking into consideration brand values, presentation on the shop floor, introduction strategy, quality assurance, logistics, and handling at the store. A striking, in-store presentation is enhanced by convenient stackable display box with the iconic Hello Kitty and pink hue on it. These impressive sales concepts were developed by FloraHolland’s Product and Concept Development department and the first retail order was processed in September.

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A concept like this is conceived keeping younger female demographics in mind, which constitute a large market potential for flowers and plants. It’s an ecological concept that even takes the environment in perspective, so I’d give a good thumbs up for this one!


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