A Breastfeeding truck comes as great help to new Moms


Before being judgmental and passing hypercritical comments on the ‘Milk Truck’ let’s see how it can be of help. Yeah the larger-than-life boob with nipples and all can be done away with but the idea is here to stay. Jill Miller, a mom herself, is responsible for the Milk Truck and is looking to raise $10,000 in funding through pledge site Kickstarter. Lactating mothers can’t feed their babies in most places like restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, etc.

The milk truck will be at your service for part of a day and moms will be able to follow its route online. Not just places but the milk truck will be useful at events such as art openings, concerts, fairs, and sporting events to provide a nursing space. The truck will run in Pittsburgh throughout the Andy Warhol Museum’s 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial from September 26 through December 10.


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