A Locket with a USB drive to hold your medical history


How many horror stories have we heard about our colleague’s grandmother wandering out of the house, falling down and hitting her head? We constantly worry about what will happen to our parents or grandparents in times of emergency. What if they can’t remember who or where they are? New York designer Emily Rothschild has created a necklace featuring lockets that hold a 2GB flash drive. The Medical Locket is a 24k satin gold plated brass locket with a caduceus on the front. Inside is a silver plated USB flash drive with a Red Cross printed on it. The 2GB flash drive is supposed to be filled with a complete and up to date medical history, as well as contact information about your loved one. Now all this information will be easily accessible to any medical professionals or even a helpful stranger in case of any emergency. You can even engrave the most important information, like a life-threatening allergy, directly onto the USB.

The Medical Locket by Emily Rothschild measures 1.25″ x .5″ x .75″, and comes with the gold-plated chain and USB flash drive. It retails for $170. Also, consider the beautiful black rhodium-plated brass locket for your more badass grandpa.

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[Available at Grn8]

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