A nod of disapproval for the Sega Toys Robotic Plant

Do you think talking to plants is weird? I definitely think it is weird. In fact, what is far weirder is talking to toy plants. But Sega Toys seems to think it is a splendid idea and hence they present us with a robotic plant. You might think that they at least made it slightly cool and that it talks to you or belts out tunes for you or blossoms flowers maybe. Wrong. All this robotic plant does is nod at you when you speak to it. I should’ve seen this coming however, because the tag line says, “When you need someone who just listens to you.”

I guess it is good for those times when you are thinking of going through with an incredibly stupid plan and just need a nod of approval to not feel guilty. Sega Toys robotic plant is a very submissive friend that will cost you $23. You can buy it here.