Amendment II’s disney princess kids backpacks saves the day

The recent massacre that happened at the school has saddened many hearts and made more alert and careful. I mention this unfortunate incident cause the new Disney princess backpack includes bulletproof nanotube armor and it could’ve saved a life or two. Yes, children bags are not meant to provide them safety from bullets but the times we are living in pose the most unexpected threats. These bags are cute looking and comes with princesses or Avengers on it and will also stop rounds from a .44 Magnum. The Amendment II’s kids backpacks is lined with its “RynoHide” armor, which is stronger and sturdier than one imagines thanks to a proprietary mix of carbon nanotubes.

It is important to learn about the part where the armor can be separated from the bottom of the backpack and used as a protective blanket to better protect against something like a bomb. Amendment II’s ballistic backpack is available for $300 with armor that will stop .45 caliber or 9mm rounds, with an optional $100 armor upgrade to stop .44 Magnum rounds.

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[Available at Amendment2] Via – Dvice

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