Amy Carrier-Miss Great Britain, Speaks out on Gizmodiva

Dear readers, look who we have here on Gizmodiva! The diva herself…Miss Great Britain Amy Carrier and her views on gadgets, girls and Gizmodiva!!! This 20 year old beauty from London has studied law at the University of Liverpool and shares a penchant for gadgets, the latest technology and loves her iPhone 4. Read the interview to learn more about this dazzling beauty and her thoughts on Gizmodiva.

If stranded on an island which is the one gadget that would help you survive??
A pink swiss army knife!

One gadget that’s an irreplaceable part of your daily routine??
My skin care products. Particularly my Armani liquid blusher which helps to give a flawless look.

Your best tech buy till date?
The ipad, it is a great piece of apple technology and I would advise everyone to purchase one!

A gadget you never understood or why was it ever made??
Wet to straight hair straighteners. I don’t know if these are very good for your hair!

If you had a chance to invent a gizmo what would it be??
I would invent  some sort of face/skincare product for women which gives them instant confidence!

Your thoughts on guys and gizmos are the eternal combination as opposed to girls and gizmos?
I think gizmos/gadgets tend to be marketed more towards men and so its great that there is now a site for women as we use different gadgets/Gizmos as part of our every day routine as well. Thank you Gizmodiva!

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Are you a gizmodiva? What makes you one?
Yes! I love products and I am always looking for the next best thing. Gizmodiva is now definitely one of my favorite websites as it gives me all the information I need on new & innovative beauty products for me to buy!

Your  most favorite gadget?
My most favorite gadget would have to be my camera as I love to take  pictures and make memories!

Does adding a coat of pink make a gadget appealing to women?
It depends on the individual but for me, yes!

One gadget you will never be seen without?
My mobile phone! Iphone4.

Your thoughts about
I think it’s a great site for people who want to know everything possible about new and fun gadgets! It is also makes it accessible for women which is great as I associate gadgets as a predominantly male market.

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