Animal Pocket Knife: A fun jungle safari in your pocket

Swiss Pocket Knives have been around forever. These pocketknives are continually evolving, with the modern ones including items like tripods and Flash drives also! If you thought nothing would surprise you about these handy tools anymore, take a look at the Animal Pocket Knife created by Israeli designer David Suhami. Granted, it is more of an entertaining toy than a handy tool, but it is still one of the coolest “knives” we have seen. Basically, the knife is equipped with a variety of stainless steel heads, tails and legs. These can be folded out in a multiplicity of combinations to reveal some of Africa’s native wildlife like the giraffe, antelope, and rhinoceros. He designed this during his studio course at Shenkar College Of Engineering And Design In Tel Aviv, Israel. Perfect to bring alive those storytelling sessions with your kid, or just a fun party game – come up with the most animals. Suhami claims that you can make as many as 81 different animals.

The Animal Pocket Knife by David Suhami is made up of stainless steel to represent the current technology while the handles are made from fine Tabebuia wood to symbolize the traditional craft. It is currently only a concept, and is yet to be commercially produced. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on one of these?

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