Aroma Fork can add upto 21 flavors to your food

While Hapi Fork will help you lose weight, the revolutionary Aroma Fork might make you gain a couple of pounds. A wonderful piece of cutlery specifically designed to create a novel and intense olfactive experience that could also become the perfect educational tool to learn how to better appreciate food! A blotting paper strip is maintained underneath the fork handle, allowing the volatile components of a liquid aroma to be diffused upon absorption. The strips are made of materials not unlike facial blotting papers, and can be loaded with scents including chocolate, banana, basil, coconut, and wasabi, among others. Aromafork holds an aromatic compound near your nose, mixing what’s on your tongue with what’s in your nostrils to create new flavors easily within your palette. It’s just a fork with a tiny depression on its handle. The depression holds blotting paper. And, the blotting paper contains a drop of an aromatic.

The Aroma fork comes with a huge kit of volatile compounds that could make the experience fun–imagine tasting one steak flavored 21 different ways, like with smoke, truffles, passion fruit, cheese cake, and bubble gum. For $58.95, consumers can purchase a more elaborate kit with four forks, 50 diffusing papers, and a full set of the 21 aromas produced by Molecule R.

aroma-fork-2 aroma-fork-3 aroma-fork-4