Astonishing: App converts iPhone into Mobile Urine Lab

Figure this…everyone pees; everyone has an iPhone so why not turn your mobile phone into a mobile urine lab? Makes sense doesn’t it? It took a brilliant mind which resides inside the head of 29-year-old Mumbai-based Ingawale to make it possible. Don’t fret about soaking your phone in anything gross as this is a outwardly simple app that analyzes chemical strips by first taking photos with your phone at predetermined times and comparing the results that appear on the pee-soaked strip to a color-coded map. Now comes the part where I reveal information about how this works; the app analyzes the results, and comes back in seconds with a breakdown of the levels of glucose, bilirubin, proteins, specific gravity, ketones, leukocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen and hematuria present in the urine.

This app can be a great way for people suffering from diabetes, kidney, bladder and liver problem or to even notice a urinary tract infection. Of course there are equally handy devices to keep a check on these problems but didn’t someone say the more the merrier?

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[Via – Wired]

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