Autom droid will watch your weight and keep junk food away

Autom, the 15-inch talking droid will make sure you don’t pile on your calories and gain some unsightly pound. In case you are trying to shed some weight or maintain your gorgeous figure, Autom will make sure you keep the junk food away. Using the LCD screen, you can enter your calorie consumption and exercise routine daily. This cute droid will then keep you motivated. Autom will keep an eye on you at all times, she’s a great personal trainer!The lady bot costs $195 for the deposit, $668.46 for the device and another $79.95 monthly which is heavy on the pocket and can be avoided if you can muster some will power! However, there are some neat deals on the company’s website to cut down the costs. She will hit the stores in 2012, so it’s a long wait. Check out her adorable video till then!