Bald Barbie comes into production for hair-loss patients after Viral Campaign

I say, spending big bucks for turning into plastic Barbie or Barbie pairs designed after popular icons isn’t as phenomenal as the story of “Bald Barbie”. Mattel has decided to create the “Bald Barbie” after an online campaign went viral and attracted more than 150,000 Facebook “likes”. The doll is all set to come into production, complete with wigs, hats, scarves and additional accessories and classified as a “friend” of Barbie. The ones owning the Barbie would get a “traditional fashion play experience” and there would also be the option to remove the wigs and head coverings. Enough of the real deal, now comes the background. It all started when two mothers of cancer patients who’s lost their hair started the “Bald and Beautiful” campaign on Facebook sometime in January. Surprisingly, the casually started campaign took a serious turn after it received several ‘likes’ on the Facebook page from folks all over the world.

However, “Bald Barbie” is exclusive as she would not be sold by Mattel in stores. Instead, the dolls would be donated to hospitals and the US National Alopecia Areata Foundation. This move ensures that the special doll reaches only those kids who truly deserve to have the doll with a meaningful inspiration.

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  1. hairloss

    Hair is the most important cosmetic addition to our appearance. Since healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body, it is important for us to keep our hair silky, shiny and thick…

  2. Becky

    Their unusual release method means few children with cancer will get this doll and many will sell it to collectors for high prices to help pay medical bills. The bratz& moxie girls versions however are widely avalible with profits being donated to cancer charities, unlike this Barbie these dolls have no eyebrows like some cancer patients often do, which is more realistic. They also don’t have any wigs which alows kids to believe bald is beautiful unlike barbie who say bald is only beautiful if you have eyebrows and cover your head with wigs

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