Bank in Malta launches Hello Kitty debit card

A lot of people like to think that Hello Kitty is a brand associated with little girls, only. However, you and I know how untrue that is! That adorable little Kitty is an inseparable part of many adult’s lives! Banif Bank seems to recognize this, and in honor of their Hello Kittizen clients, they have launched a stylish new debit card. The new Hello Kitty Debit Card is bright pink in color, (obviously) and has our feline friend’s face on the front in a sparkling design. Besides, the cool design, they offer some irresistible deals on the card. It includes a free Purchase Protection Insurance cover, which means, they automatically insure wide range of products. With every new card, you receive a set of discount vouchers from leading fashion outlets in Malta, and Gozo. Their Hello Kitty Credit Card had been already a huge success, so they are expecting the same from this one.

The Hello Kitty Debit Card from Banif Bank is a must-have for every Hello Kitty fan out there. The added benefit of having your purchases insured is like the icing on the cake. Personally, I think it would be a little hard to remember that this cutesy card dispenses real money!

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[Malta Today]

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