Barbie Caf on Huaihai Road M. screams pink and delectable

After having created the Barbie suite in Palms resort, Las Vegas, the next Big Barbie dope they could think of is the opulent Barbie Caf in Huaihai Road M in China. The café rolls out everything right from pink cocktails to delicious Blondie brownies and pink mayo-frosted burgers. I always thought Barbie was candy-cute and ‘eatable’, so if you happen to share the same wicked fantasy as me, then you would definitely take a fancy for the pink Barbie Tini, Fashionista Salad and Shanghai Lynn Taro Gelato. The theme was conceived and designed by Mattel Barbie and David Laris of Laris of fame and the cafe is decked up with black, white and pink tiled zebra-like stripes. Apparently, the designers mimicked the herringbone swimsuit worn by Barbie on her grand debut in 1959.

The Café’s head chef, Tessa Thompson from New York seeks to invent dishes that keep up the Blonde’s model figure, i.e. a healthy stuff. Ironically, the dishes include Spaghetti, Meatballs (8), chicken wings($4), not to forget the classic American favorite, which is customized as ‘Barbie Burgers’($9).

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