Basis Health Tracker gives a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle

The world of the wearable health tracker is getting more competitive by the minute. Just a few days ago, a revamped Jawbone UP saw a grand debut. Close on its heels, the Basis Health Tracker from San Francisco startup Basis Science is finally set to hit the markets after many months of waiting. This watch-style gadget is designed to be durable enough to stay on your wrist for extended periods of time. Like the other 24hour devices we have seen before, the Basis B1 also tracks various biometric data, giving you all the relevant information to make better lifestyle choices. What sets this one apart is the fact that it packs so much more than just an accelerometer. The Basis is equipped four different types of sensors that measure your skin and ambient temperature, your varying levels of perspiration, activity level, sleep quality as well as blood flow to measure your heart rate. This data is then worked on with a series of algorithms, and displayed in real-time on both the device itself, and on Basis’ free web portal. Mobile apps for both iOS and Android are still being developed. Best of all the sleek stylish design makes it look like any other watch on your hand, unlike some of those bulky devices out there.

The Basis Health Tracker from Basis Science is available in two colors – Black and White. This wonderful health tracker retails for $200. Besides, you can even buy extra black or white straps separately for $25, and a USB connector for $30.

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[Available at: Mybasis Via Cnet]

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