Beam toothbrush maps your brushing habits with an app

If a dentist is not enough to remind you about your brushing needs, you can use this new gadget. The Beam toothbrush is a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush, which will monitor a person’s dental hygiene using sensors that sync with an app. Special sensors inside Beam Toothbrush react to the movement and help to determine whether you are brushing accurately, and for the stipulated time. This data on your daily brushing, can immediately transmit to the dentist. Later versions of the app will detect how long a person scrubs different areas of their mouth as well, and play music while they brush.

The Beam toothbrush is the first app-connected toothbrush. It can be useful for parents who want to make sure their children are brushing their teeth correctly. You have to shell out $34.99 for accurate dental hygiene.

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