“Bev-Cam” Camera Flask: Your secret party starter


After a hard week at work, all you want to do is go out with your friends, have a few drinks and relax. However, the cocktails that come to your table, more often than not, taste like colored water. Don’t you hate that you have to spend so much money on those unbelievably overpriced drinks, and still don’t even manage to get the slightest buzz on. Thank god for the new “Bev-Cam” Camera Flask. The ingeniously disguised flask lets you sneak in drinks anywhere you want to, and save you from emptying your pockets on disappointing drinks. Just don’t blame us if you get caught and thrown out of the bar (or worse). We take this opportunity to warn you that what you choose to do with the flask is at your own risk. Now getting back to business, the amazingly realistic camera flask! All you have to do is pretend you want to take a photo, pull it out of your purse, and subtly pour some into your drink (or just take a swig directly out of the “camera”). It can be filled with 5 oz. (145ml) of alcohol and easily fits in your pocket or handbag. It even comes with its own wrist strap (like a real camera) and a funnel for easy filling. It is easily the most realistic looking fake camera we have ever seen.

The “Bev-Cam” Camera Flask is available for purchase at Binocktails. This secretive sly flask will cost you just $15 to own.

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[Available at Binocktails]

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