Bibi’s Cutest iPod Covers

You want something distinctively cute to cover your ipod or MacBook? Dress them up in any one of these viciously charming covers ingeniously created by Bibis. They lend a unique, stylish way to cover and protect your ipods/MacBooks. The Bibis turn your doodads into ferocious little beasts, killing other devices with the sheer power of cuteness. Designers Laura and Paulina debuted these cases at the Apple Expo in Paris. Vibrantly colored, these cases have two bulging eyes popping out at you and the two finger-like ears are conspicuous. We have more pics after the jump-

The iPod covers priced at about $40 to $50 are unquestionably worth the attractiveness. The MacBook cover is still under development, but it makes a real statement too. The booth displaying this adorable stuff itself was overstated, with a Bibi-style monster hanging from the ceiling and a patterned motif layered over everything. Forgive us if we’re stating the obvious, but here’s how it works: Just slide your iPod into the case and pull it out to dock or change playlists. If you want one of these iPod covers, the Bibis don’t have a website yet, but you can e-mail them at [email protected]

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