Blandito: The all in one furniture

There are many ways to be comfortable in your own home – lounging on your sofa, lying on your bed or just sprawling on your rug. However, there aren’t too many things out there that let you do it all! That’s exactly the idea behind the Blandito by Oradaria Design. The Blandito is an armchair, a sofa, pouf, rug, bed, cradle, nest and whatever else you would want it to be, all rolled into one. A product of their experience and careful research, the Blandito is basically a multifunctional upholstered rug or pad which is soft and malleable. The unique composition allows you to shape it into any number of distinctive seating options. Once you have found a shape that is comfortable, you can fix it into place with the help of the included wooden ball hooks. Assembly is extremely simple. All you have to do is pass the elastic band through Blandito’s buttonholes and fix it with the wooden sphere. It is made up of child-friendly fire-proof materials, while the upholstery is made of strong and resistant organic cotton.

The Blandito is available in three sizes – Big (diam. 200cm), Medium (diam. 180cm), and Small (diam. 150cm) and comes in a choice of three pretty colors: yellow, red and blue. It is available for purchase at Belnotes starting at €315 (approximately $415).

[Available at Belnotes] Via – Gizmag

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