Breakfast at the Baguette Table Anyone?

Don’t you simply love bread? Bread means breakfast, bread means a happy meal but bread also means slippers, electronics and now furniture. Our readers have witnessed bread in many forms most of which were not edible like the bread shoes or bread electronics as mentioned above and another creation made of bread that’s not made to fill your tummy is the fascinating baguette table by Studio rygalik of Poland. As the name implies this table is crafted out of stale pieces of the typical long and narrow french bread, cut to varying lengths, revealing their leveled ends to create the table tops. Some pieces are left long to act as legs and support the entire structure akin to a wooden table.

The entire project aims at creating a buzz about food wastage using vienna as case study where food thrown away in the austrian capital could feed half of the population of graz. I guess that’s mission accomplished then. The baguette table is a great way of using stale bread and other foodstuffs.

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[Via – Design-Boom]

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