Brewer’s Cow introduces six-packs of Beer infused ice-cream: Summer morning elixir

How do you cool off on a really hot balmy day? You treat yourself to a cold pint of beer, right? For the sweet-toothed people out there, ice cream is the only way to go. How do you choose between the two – it is like choosing between your children! Brewer’s Cow understands, and has come up with the perfect solution – Beer infused Ice cream! It’s like our wildest dream come true! They are selling the beer ice cream in a convenient six-pack with the flavors of Guinness, Samuel Adams, and Ten Penny Ale. The three lip-smacking flavors are as follows. The Brewer’s Cow Black & Tan Ice Cream pint is made with Guinness Draught and Munson’s Chocolate Truffle Fudge weave. The Ten Penny Beer Nut Parfait pint is made with Ten Penny Ale, beer nuts, and Munsons Chocolate Truffle Fudge and Vanilla Caramel weave. The Brewer’s Cow Bavarian Beer Brittle Pint is made with Samual Adams and Munsons Bavarian Beer Brittle. They claim that all the ice creams are non-alcoholic as all the alcohol evaporates in the cooking process.

The Brewer’s Cow Beer infused Ice-cream six-pack comes with two of each of the flavors. They are introducing a fourth flavor, Chocolate Truffle Stout pint made with Thomas Hooker, very soon. Each six-pack retails for $67.

[Available at TheBrewerscow via The Awesomer]