Bride Walks The Red Carpet from Home to Church!

There’s something amazing and unexplainable about people in love. It just makes them better people with super creative ideas on how to floor your already besotted partner. Louise Buckenham is one lucky lady in love whose wedding was made even more special by the man of her dreams. Groom Calogero Scanella, 41had 100 yards of pile laid from her home to the church. She walked the red carpet by no other person. Her feet never touched the ground as she walked with dad John and bridesmaids from the house in Carshalton, Surrey, to Stanley Park Evangelical, four doors away.

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Here is what the groom has to say, “I wanted to make the walk special. I had it laid at the last minute just before she opened the door.” Awww…touched!


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