Chinese Childcare website Baby Tree creates dating site for babies

All parents care for their kids, and want to see them happy. Sometimes that involves making a few decisions for their future – like a college fund. However, some parents in China are taking this “future planning” to the next level. They are choosing their babies’ life partners for them! A Chinese website has come up with a way for worried parents to tackle the problem of marriage: a dating site for babies! The infant matchmaking service was started by Chinese childcare site Baby Tree. Using the website, parents may create a Fisher-Price My First SNS Profile, complete with a profile picture. Once they think they have found the perfect match, they can “throw a wedding” online. Of course, “online divorce” is also an option, but you have to appeal to the Lincoln Logs Courthouse to a jury of Beanie Babies. Adorable! Baby Tree reports that over 200 families joined the site within the first week, and they have already matched 40 “happy couples”!

Of course, most parents who are participating in the Baby Tree dating site are very aware that their kids are probably not going to end up with the kids they have chosen. Rather, they just feel like it is a great way to meet other parents and ensure that their kids have some friends early on in life. The site has also gotten its share of criticism for parents getting over involved in their babies’ lives. What do you think? Cute or creepy?

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