Classic Match Foosball for your iPad: For the authentic foosball experience on your tablet

Have you had enough of your dad talking about the “good ol’ days spent playing foosball and darts in Denny’s basement”! Show him exactly how it is done in the twenty first century with this totally awesome Classic Match Foosball for your iPad. This iPad accessory actually simulates the experience of a classic foosball table, albeit, in a much smaller scale. How it works is simple. It is basically a dock for your iPad with eight 2-axis control bars. It even comes with real scoring markers at each end for the authentic experience. A USB-B connector lets you charge and sync your iPad when it is docked. The rods and legs are super-sturdy so that you can play all your signature moves without being worried it will fall apart. Once you are done, just detach the accessory, and carry it around with you in your bag. The only drawback we can see is that it works on the old 30-pin connectors, and the dimensions of the accessory make it impossible to use a lightening adaptor. This means anyone with the new 4th generation iPad won’t be able to enjoy this game yet.

The Classic Match Foosball for your iPad is now available for sale, and retails for $100. What a perfect holiday season gift for that gaming buddy of yours.

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[Available at: Newpotatotech Via Chipchick]

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