Come Visit the Worlds First Panda-theme Hotel in China

Pandas are cute, without doubt, so a hotel dedicated to the cute creatures doesn’t seem like a bad idea, not the Chinese anyway who have gone ahead and done exactly that. This May, the Haoduo Panda Hotel, which lies at the foot of Emei Mountain in southwest China’s Sichuan province, is the first hotel of its kind in the world will proudly open its gates as the world’s first panda theme hotel. The cute theme makes the hotel a place full of cuddlies, with panda pictures and cuddly toy pandas perched on the beds, tables and chairs.

The soft opening of the hotel witnessed panda’s parade through the halls and wait on the guests. Even the staff goes Panda and dresses in panda costumes in order to entertain the guests. If you’re interesting in visiting this unusual place then the hotel will officially open in May with room rates from 300 ($48) to 500 Yuan per night.

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[Via – Ny-Daily-News]

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