Core Flex Body Gym for a rocking body

I am bored of going to the gym and aligning my self onto those same old machines and treadmill. It’s a proven fact that not only our mind but also our body gets immune to a particular set of exercise. So a change is must! I’m totally sold to this innovative Core Flex Body Gym. It’s an easy way to increase overall body strength while toning thighs, abs and quads…just lean back and push! You’re supposed to simply rock gently on this gym for just five minutes a day, and you’ll be on your way to a stronger, more toned body. Core Flex Body Gym uses the body’s natural, rocking movement to help make you fit. You just need to lean back and push! However I think there’s more to just simply rocking for better results!

Moreover it features padded headrest that cradles your neck plus a special design that massages your back while you work out! 5 minutes and $60 is all that you would need to get tighter abs, a stronger back and a shapelier bottom!

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