CTC sells Japanese rice in a can for times of emergency


Ever since the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 devastated so many lives in Japan, there is a deluge is emergency products that are specifically designed to help people survive in another situation when food and water may not be available easily. The latest product to hit the market is the unique little ‘Rice In A Can’ or Mekan, developed by food manufacturer CTC. They came up with this idea when they realized that the other emergency food supplies had one thing in common – they all tasted really bad! They make their Rice in a Can with high quality rice which will ultimately provide the people with a delicious meal of their staple; not just something to help them survive. Even the logic behind packaging their rice in a can is sound. Basically, they are easy to store, transport and have a longer shelf life. These cans have been infused with nitrogen gas so that the rice stays fresh for up to five years! The cans are also made up of a lightweight, yet heavy duty material designed to withstand quite a bit of damage in case of natural disasters. Each can holds 300g of rice which is enough to feed a small family.

The ‘Rice In A Can’ or Mekan by CTC are available for sale at Amazon Japan and Rakuten at around 500 Yen (approximately $6) per can. They are also available in packs of 6, 12, and 24.

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