Curves give men the same high as alcohol! It’s true!

Long live curves! All size-zero girls and girls starving kindly start eating if you want the men to look at you. Did you know that curvy woman have the same intoxicating effect on men as alcohol and even drugs? Wow! Why didn’t somebody say that earlier, it could have saved a lot of girls from becoming anorexic? According to research, figures such as Beyonce’s also light up the male brain in the same way as illegal drugs. Researchers in Georgia, in the U.S., scanned the brains of 14 young men as they looked at the before and after pictures of nude women who had plastic surgery to give them more shapely hips and bottoms. The results are apparent they fell for the after avatars.

I think more than altering your body types it is very important to love yourself the way you ‘naturally’ are. Trends will come and go and if you have to obey them all then there are a lot of other important things that you could miss out on like having fun and releasing your inner talents. Eat right, stay healthy and lead a happy life irrespective of the fact if you are size 0 or 12!

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