Death Star Cookie is geekilicious

Speaking of desserts makes my sweet tooth extremely happy. The Hello Kitty Pancakes were great, but they weren’t geeky enough. The maple syrup combined with kitty’s cuteness was a little too sugary. So now we have something that’s sweet, but bad ass too. We have the DeathStar Cookie! For those who can bake, you can make it easily at home. It’s not a worry at all. There are a couple of simple steps: 1) Make a ball of cookie dough and put it in the oven. 2) Poke it with a toothpick and lightly press it with a knife halfway through baking. 3) Pull it out of the oven. 4) Pop it in your mouth for some sugary and geeky goodness. It does look like a crude job, but who cares! You’ve made your own Death Star that you can eat! Darth Vader won’t be happy when you munch down Death Star.