Design Nerds Flash Cards: The 2012 way to teach your kids their alphabets

It’s embarrassing to admit, but the other day my three-year-old niece showed me how to do something on my iPad! As the generations pass, kids are becoming more and more tech savvy, with an innate grasp for everything digital. These Design Nerds Flash Cards are designed to give your kids a head-start in learning all those tech, design and media terms, which are bound to be part of their everyday vocabulary in the future. Sure, A is still for Apple; but not the fruit we grew up with. This concept is the brain-child of South African designer Emma Cook, who wished to create a set of “culturally relevant” flash cards. We have to agree. After all, when was the last time you came across a (X is for) Xylophone? On the other hand, doesn’t it make more sense to say “U is for USB Drive” to your little tot?

The Design Nerds Flash Cards by designer Emma Cook are a collection of flash cards for “design geek-hipster-interwebbers” to teach their kids the A-B-Cs in their own style. It is currently only a concept. Wouldn’t you like to see it made into a reality?

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