Disney Leather Jacket For iPad 2 features Mickey Mouse

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? They all take us back to the fond memories of our childhood. Also, lately it’s in vogue to have Mickey Mouse on your clothes, accessories, etc. Keeping this trend in mind, we have the cut iPad 2 covers displaying silhouettes of the most famous mouse in the world. The case is adorable and comes in pink and black. It has been designed to protect your iPad from the usual scratches and dents, so you can rest in peace. Your iPad will have a nice playful touch to it with this cover. It’s available for $99 here.


  1. Sarah Case says:

    That was a cute iPad2 cover, I’m sure many people will love
    to have it especially teens. iPad2 cover is the best accessory for iPad2
    protection and keeping our gadget safe and away from damage.