Disney Princesses brought to life by photographer Ryan Astemendi


From the time, we were little kids we have grown up on the impossibly beautiful Disney Princesses. There is a reason every girl aspires to be one of these ethereal beauties; it is because they are incredibly gorgeous. You would think this kind of perfection is not possible in real life. Ace photographer Ryan Astemendi took it upon himself to find our real life Disney Princesses for us. If you ever wondered how these girls would look like if they were real human beings, you have your answer now. His models are like the perfect real life versions of Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and even a Jessica Rabbit! We wonder how he managed to find her! Dressed in the perfect renditions of their cartoon fashion, and with styling and makeup, it’s like the cartoons have literally come to life. We love these!

The real-life Disney Princesses by photographer Ryan Astemendi also include Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Jasmine, Tink, and Belle. Check out all the princesses, (and Jessica Rabbit), and the women behind the characters at

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