Doctor Who Cupcakes with all eleven Doctors

Baking the perfect cupcakes is hard enough; but decorating them perfectly is even harder. We have to raise our hats and bow our heads in appreciation and awe of what this talented cupcake maestro has accomplished! Check out the scrumptious Doctor Who Cupcakes made by the amazing Maria Yebra, aka Cupcaketeer. What really sets these apart is the fact that she has taken the time and effort to represent every single Doctor who ever played the part. We can’t get over the little Matt Smith holding the Sonic Screwdriver, or Sylvester McCoy and his signature colorful sweater. It’s like every Doctor Who fan’s ultimate fantasy – every Doctor in the same space at the same time! Too bad they are all just cupcake toppings! Besides the Doctors, she has also made perfect little toppings representing the Master, Davros, a Dalek, and the TARDIS. Adorable!

The Doctor Who Cupcakes by Maria Yebra were featured on her blog Cupcaketeer. She made these beautiful creations for a very good friend’s 40th Birthday. Now that is the kind of gift we love! Head over to her website to check out some of her other terrific creations.

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[Cupcaketeer Via Betweenthepagesblog-Typepad]

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