Dora the Explorer Aquapet

If you’ve got Aquapets before, you know how adorable they are. Now you could add Dora the Explorer to the pets. Dora is this cute cartoon that comes on Nick and she’s always finding new places with her monkey. With a bag on her back and you for company she’s ready to explore your horizon. This interactive pet is capable of communicating with you as well as with other Aquapets. This is a limited edition so you need to hurry up on the order. On hindsight, the casing of this pet is a tad too questionable. So keep it away from kids!

Maybe you could gift it to a ‘mature friend’. The Dora the Explorer Aquapet costs $19.95.


  1. A Mom says:

    Not to nit pick, but Dora’s bud is a monkey named Boots. My two year old would be ticked if she could read. :-)

  2. aubre says:

    This toy is disgusting!! Who would ever consider buying this and who the heck would even make something like this?!? I find it very disturbing–and who would actually buy this for their child?? ICK!!!

  3. Tre' Sowers says:

    Hehe… it looks like a dildo.

  4. Meh says:

    Well… the toy is designed for like… five year olds, and most five year olds wont even make the connection between this toy and the obvious shape it takes.

  5. free says:

    wow ill bt this so my 5 yr old can pleasure herself with it -.- sick toy desingers

  6. hahahaha says:


  7. lol says:

    Thats really sick. But funny. Anyway, not right for kids.

  8. Dizzy says:

    That’s so messed up! At five, I knew what that shape was!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    they dont know wat the shape is u idiots

  10. joey brown says:

    Oh yes, they would know the shape, especially if they have a brother… something is going to be said someday to the sister about how it resembles something he has.
    An infant wouldn’t recognize it, but a child in kindergarten or first grade totally would.
    If you think they would not, you just don’t want to admit that your child would have that kind of knowledge.

  11. hilarie says:

    how can they sell this “toy” to children ?? rotflol

  12. Deanna ( Mom) says:

    I agree. Children will absolutely make the “connection” Children are very smart and very observant. To say that I child wouldn’t know what this toy is shaped like is just ignorant.This toy should be re-called.

  13. ali says:

    Lol getta life…You all have sickminds and am worried that some of you are actually parents. This world is too obsessed with sex.

  14. Augie says:

    It don’t madder!!!! You all are sick!!!

  15. blah says:


  16. ~Kevin says: