Dry Head Spa Robot is the new Hi-Tech Pamperer


There are umpteen ways of pampering yourself. While listing them all wouldn’t be the sanest option here is the most hi-tech way. Check out the dry head spa robot and join us in believing it is undoubtedly the most hi-tech option of taking care of yourself. The robot developed by Panasonic begins with recovering a 3D scan of your head which is followed by 3D tracking mechanism, one that enables the 24 fingers to follow the shape of your head. The robot is now set to knead your scalp gently, rejuvenating and relaxing you like nothing before. The cherry on the cake is a massage chair to give a full-body experience.

Too bad they are still developing this magnificent machine, fine-tuning the technology and hence don’t have a set date for its release. Definitely worth the wait. Trust us to keep you informed about its release.

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