Earth Blocks: Earth friendly Lego alternatives

We have all grown up playing engineering all kinds of amazing shapes with our beloved Lego bricks. For generations, they have cultivated creativity in little kids. Do you want your kids to get the same joy you did, but are worried about the implications to the environment? The Earth Blocks from Japanese company Colors Tokyo is a very cool eco-friendly and sustainable option to the traditional plastic bricks. These blocks are made from recycled materials like a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, and coffee beans, with just enough polypropylene to hold it all together. They don’t come in any of those bright plastic colors, but actually come in a palette of three browns which reflect the natural materials that have gone into their production. In fact, no two sets will be completely the same owing to the unique character of the raw material. As of now, these blocks come in only one standard size – 1 1/4 in long x 5/8 in wide x 5/8 in high.

The Earth Blocks by Colors Tokyo are available in sets of 50 for just $30. The buzz is that a set made of green tea will be released soon, which will also give out the faint aroma of material. Now that definitely makes up for the lack of garish colors!

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[Available at Guggenheimstore via – Inhabitat]

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