Eat the Hello Kitty Bun for Fun

Hello Kitty is back! This statement will have different effect on different people. While some find her irresistibly cute and want to eat her up some find her incredibly annoying and want to eat her up (the club I belong to). What remains common though is Hello Kitty will make your digestive system her home with the Hello Kitty Steamed Bun. The new product makes is being introduced in Japanese convenience store Circle K Sunkus. The chain is famous for their Hello Kitty Buns with 400,000 custard flavored Hello Kitty steamed buns selling in just under a week earlier this year.

The meat-filled Hello Kitty steamed bun will be available starting October 16th. Read this space for another Hello Kitty Bun with a completely different look and flavor that will be out on November 6th.

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