Energy Belt takes away Fat gives back Electricity

So far on Gizmodiva we have covered a variety of belts like Mui Rui Yi’s intereactive wearable belt, Funky Ammo Belt made of crayons and also Halo- bright LED Belt. The latest and the most unusual of them all is ‘Energy Belt’. The name is intimidating and the function is way superior compared to other accessorizing belts. The Energy Belt is a conceptual design that can convert fat into energy used to power everything from cell phones to pacemakers, cutting down on electricity costs while reducing the wearer’s size. Part of the Dutch Design Week, energy belt was one of the creations on display as part of a traveling exhibition on future design called The Nano Supermarket by Next Nature.

The way this Energy Belt works in explained too. Apparently Artificial protocells take the energy from natural brown fat and convert it into Adenosine-5′-triphosphate and this energy is further used to create electricity. Theory apart, I’d really like to see the Energy Belt’s Wonders for real.

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[Via – Inhabitat]

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