The HoodiePillow Pillowcase lets you escape into your own cocoon

On a cold night, there is nothing you want to do, more than snuggle up in your blanket and live there forever. Actually, this is probably true for pretty much any night. However, what do you do about your pesky roommate or annoying little sister; who insists on reading a book or watching the tube when all you want to do is get some shut eye. The HoodiePillow Pillowcase promises to protect us from all unwanted light and sounds, thanks to its built-in hoodie! The design of the pillowcase includes adjustable drawstrings. Gently pull the drawstrings and the hood will cover your eyes and ears. Considering so many of us spend every moment of our day in this comfortable article of clothing, it makes so much sense to transfer that same sense of security and comfort to our pillowcases. It’s so cool that they even made a word just to describe the particular feeling of being in the HoodiePillow – cocoonification!

The HoodiePillow Pillowcase comes in five awesome colors – Black, Gray, Blue, Red, and Pink. At 20” by 32”, this Pillowcase fits most standard bed pillows. This awesome pillowcase retails for just $20 a piece.

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[Available at : Hoodiepillow and Chipchick]

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