Eye-smacking Giant Sushi Roll made out of LEGO


LEGO love is back and this time its going to mesmerize foodies with its size and creativity. Almost everything has been made out of LEGO’s but this giant sushi roll. The LEGO sushi roll here was ‘rolled’ for a competition on Flickr by y participant Siercon & Coral. The sushi roll is made up of LEGO and the ‘seaweed’ surrounding it is made of blacktron baseplates. The seaweed is made up of loose white bricks that holds the sushi ‘rice.

The competition is made tough by providing competitors a batch of secret ingredients parts. In this instance, the Bionicle Tridax Pod Half were used by the creator to create this generous and eye-smacking giant sushi roll.

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[Via – Designtaxi]

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