Face to Facebook: Woman crosses seven seas to meet all her 325 Facebook Friends


This is a great story about the journey of one woman who took the aid of a social media to face her fears and inspire adventure. 51-year old ArLynn Presser of Winnetka, Illionois who stayed indoors all her life, including her adult life during which she didn’t even venture outside her home town took a New Year resolution on 31st of December 2010 of visiting all her Facebook friends. ArLynn, who made a living as a writer also suffered from agoraphobia- the fear of crowded places or enclosed public spaces. She wrote a blog post about it and called her venture “Face to Facebook”, immediately setting off to travel over 13 countries and taking over 39 flights. (She was terrified of flying too)

The end of 2011 saw her meet 292 friends, which scored to 90% of the total. Out of the 292 friends, 18 people ignored her repeated requests to meet, two were profiles of pets and five people had passed away. Her journey took her to Taiwan, Korea, Phillipines, Dubai, Italy, Malaysia, Ireland, England, Germany and four other countries. Her incredible experience is now going to be captured in a documentary called “Face to Facebook” that embraces Facebook, anxiety and the power of social media to inspire great personal change. Kudos for the feat, lady!

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