Facial Recognition Billboard only lets women see the ad


Advertisements can only be called successful if they manage to intrigue the imagination of the viewer, and make them think twice. Advertisers have always employed the shock and awe strategies to get their messages across. The people from Plan UK have successfully managed this with their new Facial Recognition Billboard. This new kind of outdoor advertisement has been strategically placed on Oxford Street in London’s West End. It works by using a high-definition camera to scan pedestrians and identify their gender. If it determines that you are a woman, it will show you a forty second video of its ‘Because I’m a Girl’ campaign, but if it thinks you are a man, then you are only shown a link to Plan UK’s website. Doesn’t it sound cool? The idea is to promote their “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which aims to fight gender inequality in third-world countries. By discriminating against men, they want them to get a taste “of what it’s like to have the basic choices taken away.”

This Facial Recognition Billboard for Plan UK cost £30,000 (approximately $50000), and will run only for two weeks. Nevertheless, they hope to raise at least a quarter of a million pounds in donations during the next four months.

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