Finnair lets passengers choose their seatmates based on their Facebook profiles

Facebook is a universal phenomenon that has grown to so much more than just any other social network. Not just humans, even cats can’t get enough of Facebook! In the face of such popularity, it makes sense to assume that businesses will see the intelligence behind using the fashionable social network to their advantage. The popular airline Finnair is giving its passengers the unique opportunity to link their public Facebook profile with the seat map so they can see who else has checked in, where others are seated and view their social media profiles. The new service is a simple yet effective way to incorporate the power of social media to something as innocuous as airline seating. The new service helps you choose a seat for yourself based on the profiles of others and the seat map. You also have the option of sharing your flight details with friends on Facebook. Of course, it isn’t a compulsion, and you are allowed to opt out of the service at any time.

The integration of Facebook with airplane seating is only the beginning of Finnair’s grand “social seating” plans. The airline says it plans to integrate other social networks into the seat selection process in future.

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[Via – Terminalu]

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