Freeze yourself in Carbonite at Disneyland

If you fancy yourself, being etched as an action hero in a figurine might be a cool thing to do. The only thing that’s cooler than that is having yourself frozen in Carbonite. That’s right! Disney’s Star Wars Weekend has this cool stuff up its sleeves, and we are pretty excited about it. How they do it is, they scan your head first thing, and then make a half-wit 8-inch figurine of you looking goofy with the iconic pose from The Empire Strikes Back. It is not as bad as I put it. In fact, you need some serious acting skills, to pull that face off.

If you love the idea, you could make a reservation by calling the number 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324). Each carbonite figurine is $99.95 (plus shipping). You can order additional figurines using the same image scan for $74.95 each. The event takes place at Disneyworld Orlando, FL from May 18th through June 16th. So, you have sufficient time to practice your pose perfectly!

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