Gangnam Style Christmas Light Show video is a must-watch

Just when you thought the Gangnam Style mania was dying down, we have a new video that puts a whole new spin on the superhit. We can guarantee, a look at this video will make you fall in love with Gangnam, and all things Christmas, all over again. Check out the video of a mammoth Christmas light show played to the tune of Korean hit Gangnam Style. A man based in Austin, Texas, John Storms, has kept his annual tradition alive, and decorated his house and garden with hundreds of Christmas lights. He makes them dance to the infectious tune with the help of computers – the lights strobe, pulse, fade and blink. He used more than 25,000 LED lights to set up the display over a period of two weeks. He is very conscientious about not disturbing his neighbors. The song is not blaring on a continuous loop. Instead, it is broadcast on a low-powered FM transmitter and families who want to take in the four-minute show can sit in their vehicles and drive off when it’s finished. He switches off the display at 9 p.m. sharp.

As soon as the Gangnam Style Christmas Show video by John Storms hit the net, it immediately went viral with over 700,000 views. Of course, he is used to the attention. This isn’t the first time Storms has made the news for his Christmas display. The self-professed “Christmas lights enthusiast” has set up spectacular holiday lights to “Angry Birds,” Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and “Carol of the Bells” in past years. If you are lucky enough to be around Austin this December, you have to check it out in person.

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