Garbage Pantz: For your fashionista garbage cans

Have you ever looked at your naked garbage can and found yourself blushing. Isn’t it about time someone taught these unbridled free spirits that it is NOT OK to walk around the neighborhood without any pants on? Thank god for the new Garbage Pantz, pants for your naked garbage cans. These “pants” wrap around your garbage cans, giving them an all new tough man avatar. They come in two designs – classic Blue Jeans and Camo. They come in only one size, but apparently will fit garbage cans of most sizes and shapes. They also have a handy patch on the back allowing you to put your address on. This holiday season, why not give a little more attention to the most neglected aspects of your life? What is more festive than a little attention to festive detail, with spirit permeating every corner of your humble abode? Never again will your curb be the eye sore of the block; the Garbage Pantz are here to the rescue.

The Blue Jeans Garbage Pantz and the Camo Garbage Pantz are both available for purchase at the Garbage Pantz official website. It will set you back around $15 for a pair of pants. Is it too much to pay for something that is basically going to dress up your garbage cans? We think not. Don’t forget to check out some of their other fun designs like the Holiday, Party or Seasonal collections.


[Available at Garbagepantz Via Thegreenhead]

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