Girls dressing up as Barbie – Really?

There are lots of girls in the world who simply adore Barbie aka Barbara Millicent Roberts and would do anything to be just like her. The doll came into being in 1959, soon to be joined by her boyfriend Ken Carson in 1961. Barbie has a few obsessive fans who simply love to talk about how they’re done up Barbie. 21-year old Barbie fan Laura Vinicombe (pictured above), who is a part time sales assistant, simply loves to dress up like Barbie inspite of her age. Her room is Barbie-inspired, has pink sheets, many plastic bags and girly handbags too. She shares such resemblance to Barbie that she has pictures of her taken by strangers who think she is Barbie! The Barbie fan of 5’4” inches even has fake tan and a boob job done to look like her plastic idol. Another fan is Zoe Zafferon of 21 years, who has a boyfriend; Mark White is compared to “Ken”, as the couple resemble Barbie and Ken together. Model Zoe, who loves pink has had hundreds of Barbie dolls when she was young and also sports different looks as Barbie does- Sporty Barbie, Disco Barbie and aspired to be Bridal Barbie when she gets married to her boyfriend.

23-year old Vanessa Threadgold is another ardent Barbie fan who has a huge collection of Barbie merchandize dresses up her pets in Barbie cloths. She has a photo of a Brunette Barbie and her put up on her wall to constantly compare her looks to Barbie. She even wants to get a boob job done on herself to change her size from 32C to 32F.

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